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Vanderbuyst Dutch Hard Rock Assault
Vanderbuyst 22.10.2014: At The Crack Of Dawn - German Release Party

December 5, 2014, official German Release Party for the new album "At The Crack Of Dawn" @ Underground, Cologne.

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  • Vanderbuyst 19.10.2014: At The Crack Of Dawn (official video)

    Brand new video for the the title track of the upcoming album "At The Crack Of Dawn"

  • Vanderbuyst 04.10.2014: Full album streaming

    Did you already listen to At The Crack Of Dawn on 3VOOR12's luisterpaal?
    Here's your chance!
  • Vanderbuyst 14.09.2014: Walking On Tightrope (Lyric Video)

    Here's your homework for today: We need you to sing along to this next time we come visit you.

    "At The Crack Of Dawn" album expected to be released in October 2014 by Ván Records.

  • Vanderbuyst 28.08.2014: Video Teaser: "At The Crack Of Dawn"

    Video Teaser for the upcoming "At The Crack Of Dawn" album expected to be released in October 2014 by Ván Records.

  • Vanderbuyst 27.01.2014: Video Teaser: "Shakira"

    We hope to hear you all sing SHAKIRAAAAAH with us upcoming tour.

  • Vanderbuyst 21.01.2014: New video: "Little Sister"

    Here it is: our video for 'Little Sister'. A big thanks goes out to Thom, Lara and Iza - hell no we ain't going to do what you say, we will direct ourselves.

  • Vanderbuyst 20.01.2014: Little Sister / Shakira 7" (lim. 500)

    Stricktly limited to 500, here's our new 7".
    Two new tracks, "Little Sister" (featuring Farida Lemouchi) and "Shakira".

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  • Vanderbuyst 07.01.2014: Waiting On The Wings

    Footage of "Waiting On The Wings", recorded 29/12/2013 at De Paerdestal in Terneuzen. All accoustic.

  • Vanderbuyst 07.01.2014: New tourdates with Enforcer & Skullfist

    Vanderbuyst's conquest of Europe alongside Enforcer, Skull Fist and the aptly named Gengis Khan continues with new dates added.

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  • Vanderbuyst 19.12.2013: Radio 3 TV Show

    Pro shot footage of Los conciertos de Radio 3 (05/12/2013) is now available on YouTube.

  • Vanderbuyst 20.10.2013: Welcome To The Night (official video)

    Official Video for "Welcome To The Night".
    Taken from the Album "Flying Dutchmen"

  • Vanderbuyst 13.08.2013: pro-shot footage of enrtire GMM show

    Whether you were or weren't there, you might be interested to know our entire Graspop Metal Meeting show is available on YouTube.
    Pro-shot. You ready for some metal?
  • Vanderbuyst 20.06.2013: Fonds Podium Kunsten

    We would like to thank Fonds Podium Kunsten (again!) for supporting Vanderbuyst's conquest of China.

  • Vanderbuyst 19.06.2013: little red blog #2

    Curious what our heroes have been up to in China?
    The Vanderbuyst FAN PAGE on facebook put together a nice little red photo album for ya'. Check here: Little Red Blog
    Vanderbuyst 10.06.2013: little red blog #1

    The men of Vanderbuyst are preparing themselves in a spartanic way for the journey abroad next week. Watch the video (by Sandra Gordijn) here!

    Follow the Little Red Blog here: Vanderbuyst fanclub on facebook
    Vanderbuyst 09.06.2013: little red blog

    From today, every day, the Vanderbuyst fanclub will post a story/photo/video about Vanderbuyst under the name: the little red blog.

    Follow here: Vanderbuyst fanclub on facebook
    Vanderbuyst 08.05.2013: CHINA!

    The Dutch Hard Rock Assault invaded 19 countries so far.
    Number 20 will be... CHINA!
    Vanderbuyst 23.04.2013: ZWARTE CROSS

    Vanderbuyst are confirmed for Zwarte Cross 2013.
    More details soon!
    Vanderbuyst 16.04.2013: GRASPOP METAL MEETING

    Vanderbuyst have just been confirmed for GMM in Dessel, Belgium.
    Vanderbuys are to hit the mainstage on Saturday, June 29 at 11:15 hours.
    Vanderbuyst Archive
    Vanderbuyst on tour
    24/10/2014 De Klinker, Aarschot (BE)
    25/10/2014 Rock Temple, Kerkrade (NL)
    31/10/2014 013, Tilburg (NL)
    07/11/2014 Vera, Groningen (NL)
    Vanderbuyst on tour
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